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(Provide examples from the text).
In the first sentence in chapter 3, Holden tells the reader, “I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.” How does this connect to his character? How does Holden Caulfield’s name encompass his personality?

What kind of reading does Holden like? What authors and types of stories do you enjoy? What is Holden’s criterion for a good book? Does Catcher in the Rye meet this criterion for you?

Tell us about the topic you are choosing for the third paper and include some sources you might want to use for the paper.

Ironically, Holden Caulfield is telling the truth when he tells the reader, “I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.” Caulfield is a compulsive liar and proves this to be true throughout many instances in the novel. For example, to get out of a lecture from “old Spencer”, one of Caulfield’s former teachers, Caulfield lied and said he had equipment at the gym that he needed to gather and take home. As the book progresses, more of Caulfield’s unnecessary lies unfold. As he is sitting on a train on his way to New York City, a Mrs. Marrow, the mother of a former classmate, Ernest Marrow, sits down beside him. Upon the discovery of who Mrs. Marrow is, Caulfield begins telling extravagant lies about Ernest claiming that the boy is the most popular on campus and could have been elected president had he let the other students nominate him. Caulfield tells Mrs. Marrow his name is Rudolph Schmidt and he is going home for minor brain surgery. The terrific things about Caulfield and his lies is that people actually believe him. Most people do not suspect him to be telling a fabricated story and become completely engrossed. I am not sure how Holden Caulfield’s name encompasses his personality. One of the definitions of “Caul-“ is a woman’s close-fitting indoor headdress or hairnet. Maybe this is associated with the red hunting cap Holden wore on several occasions. Caulfield enjoys books that are...
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