Ptlls Unit 2 3.2

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  • Published : August 1, 2013
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I think using ground rules as an icebreaker; will be a good and enjoyable way to start a course and to get people interacting with each other. I will ask the learners to discuss and list what kind of rules they would like but there will also be mandatory rules which will be relevant to health and safety. Sample of Rules:

* Turn mobile phones off or to silent
* Consistency with punctuality and attendance
* Respect each other and clients i.e. listening to and no interrupting others * Ask for help when unsure or if needed
* Complete assignments on time
* Confidentiality with clients and fellow learners
* Always practice health and safety guidelines
* Keep work area clean and tidy at all times
* Prepare work area and necessary checks before client arrives * Keep noise levels low when clients are being treated
* Be aware of others

There are rules which are relevant to the beauty industry which need to be in place that will change as to whether or not there are clients present or not. Also there some rules which are specific to a salon environment and the rules will change as to what kind of treatment is being taught or practised i.e. if a client was having a massage the area should be private and calm but with manicures the privacy is not necessarily needed. Learners also need to be aware of their behaviour and what they are saying and doing so they do not offend or upset others in the group or clients, which is why the rule to be aware of others is in place. Health and safety rules need to be followed at all times as to protect clients and learners from harm and cross infection. My rules will promote respect as they include awareness, confidentiality, no interrupting and to listen and people will be more inclined to follow them as they have taken part in setting them up.

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