Public Speaking Review

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  • Published : November 29, 2013
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CMST 3060
Public Speaking Review

Perhaps James Burgh said it best, “ is still of important advantage for all that part of youth, whose station places them within the reach a polite education, to be qualified to acquitting themselves with reputation, when called to speak in public. In parliament, at the bar, in the pulpit, at meetings of merchants, in committee.” (Gray) and, “...a competent address and readiness, not only in finding matter but in expressing and urging it effectively is what, I doubt not, many gentleman would willingly acquire at the expense of half his other improvements.”(Gray) Public speaking is an essential tool that all students, more specifically communication studies majors, must learn and become familiar with. Learning how to be an influential public speaker can be the key difference to either succeeding or failing, in school, work, at home, and/or in your community.

It is no surprise that public speaking would be a requirement for a communication studies major at LSU. There are a multitude of careers that a student pursuing a major in communication studies could aim for, it all depends on the person; however they are going to need public speaking in whichever career path they are aiming for. This course is designed to help build individuals’ personal and professional confidence, success, and understanding of public speaking. Through the development of confidence, success, and understanding, the student develops the ability to present information logically, advocate ideas in an open mindset of civic discourse, and critically distinguish among different opinions, all which represent necessary skills for personal and professional enrichment in the area of public communication.

Through experiences within public speaking you develop a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that one might have not known they had to begin with. Developing an understanding of how crucial public speaking is vital...
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