Questions on Shakespeare's Style of Writing

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  • Published : September 21, 2013
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Fill in the blanks

1.Characters talking about themselves in the third person is a convention that often people who are new to Shakespeare.

2.Character talking about themselves is a way of speaking that can make the occasion and the character .

3.Another confusing convention is that a ruler being referred to by the name of his .

4.This convention is important because it tells the of the king.

5.The convention of referring to the king by the name of his country is a way of .

6. The king is the of the country.

7. The king’s character the country.

8.’you’ and ‘thou’ is an important conventions of language because it indicates the of the scene.

9.’you’ is used when the occasion is .

10. ’you’ is used because the speaker wants to remind listeners of the difference.

11.The speaker uses the word ‘thou’ because it indicates .

12 .’Thou’ is the word which creates the mood of and
13. The change of word ‘you’ and ’thou’ tells something important about the Of the characters.

14.A soliloquy occurs when a character is .
15.During soliloquy the speaker speaks aloud his or her .

16.Shakespeare used to place soliloquies at the or at the Of the scene.

17. Soliloquies are differentiated into types.

18. and are the two types of soliloquies.

19. In a public soliloquy a character the audience.

20. Public soliloquy is often done by the .

21. In the public soliloquy the villan shared his with the audience.

22. In a private...
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