Raymond's Run

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  • Published : October 24, 2014
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We will continue this discussion about character and characterization, but now lets talk about how the author does this. What are the tricks of the trade We will further examine devices like word choice, setting, actions, tone, and point of view. The purpose is to find out why an author might use these devices and what does an author want us to learn and know. In Raymonds Run, Squeaky works hard at a goal she wants to achieve, and in doing so realizes more about lifes potential. Underlying this story is a number of themes about identity and motivation. The short story HYPERLINK http//dorinta19.bizland.ro/FLOWERS20FOR20ALGERNON20.htm t _blank Flowers for Algernon, is about a mentally disabled man who undergoes an experimental operation to make him smart. Underlying this story is a number of themes about human life and personal interactions. ESSAY Write an essay about one of the major themes you found in either story explain how the author uses that theme to create realistic characters and a realistic story. Using at least three items from the list below, explain how the author weaves literary elements into the story to further strengthen the overall theme you discuss. Your job for this essay is to pick a theme and teach it through three of literary elements. Literary Elements List ToneIrony Foreshadowing Voice Style Point of View Setting Narration Structure Conflict Word Choice Each of those elements makes the story stronger, but they also help teach the major theme of the story. Toni Cade Bambara wanted us to learn something from Raymonds Run, and we came up with a list of some of those themes Bullying only makes others stronger. Mentally challenged people should be treated with kindness and respect. Siblings protect each other at all costs. Hard work and dedication are rewarded. What we see in others helps us to better understand ourselves. Be careful how you treat others. Daniel Keyes wanted us to learn something from Flowers for Algernon,...
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