Records and the Why Behind the Structure

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  • Published : August 16, 2013
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By: Christina Tessier
You have small, medium and large facilities, and each of them differ but they are similar in ways that may be common sense to those that work in the medical field. They remain different in their own way, but are all handled with in the same way. The facility may just have a way of processing or recording information, and filing it away for the patient. With all three of these types of facilities I have seen that the answers to the questions are alike. The security measures of keeping the patient’s information confidential are similar, although they do have different security measures with this. Firewalls may be different in each facility. Let us say that you work in a large military medical facility. Sad to say in my opinion, but the firewall of that facility will be much more secure than your standard medical facility. Where someone may be able to just place information in an area for it to put in later in one facility, another facility may have the entire area blocked off with a key pass type of access. With circulation I did see within the grids that some facilities may have a chart that marks every time someone moves a file or takes it out of its original spot to another, while another facility may not have to have that done due to it being a smaller type of facility. Small facilities versus bigger facilities do have to be concerned with simpler issues. Different sizes also have more space to fill and the size of where files may be kept and stored may be different. I have come to the conclusion that no matter the size of the type of facility and what they may do as a medical facility the more involved the facility is going to be. It may be complicating with all the ways that each may handle themselves through filing or patient access. At the end of the day it really depends on you and how you process things. Electronic is the way that these facilities are going. Paper...
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