Reflection Paper: Problem Solving

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  • Published : August 6, 2012
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In the process of conducting this project, I have spent countless hours doing this project. In the end, I realized how fun and exciting mathematics can be. Before doing this folio, I had not really understood how the skill can be applied and I had not fully understood the important of me studying additional Mathematics. Now, after understanding the importance of additional Mathematics, I will work harder on the subject in order to create a brighter future for myself.

After doing research, answering questions, drawing graphs and some problem solving, I saw that add maths is all around us. Especially the usage of statistics, it is very important in our daily life. Example, it has helped us determine the students’ performance in Additional Mathematics in our school by using statistics for an overall table. In conclusion, statistics is a daily life necessity. So we should thankful of the people who contribute in the idea of statistics.

Besides, this project work has made me more confident about myself and made me valued my opinion more. I have also learnt to be co-operative with not my classmates and schoolmates as well as my friends. It also strengthened the bond between me and my classmates as we worked very hard together. Moreover, the insight of my teacher also surprised me as she provided me the helps and guidance. Lastly, let me conclude the project with this poem:

Once I hated to see you
I’d run away
Hide away
And avoid you totally
But now,
You are like the Sun to me
And I can’t live a
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