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  • Published : June 27, 2013
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Name: Shraddha Ghanashyam Patil
College name: Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management and Research Project:Marketing
Batch No.4 (T/T/S)
Group No.2
Sector: Mutual Fund
Topic: Detailed Study And Comparative Analysis Of Mutual Funds An Investment Option Against Other Financial Option


(Main points)

1| Introduction|
2| Industry Profile|
3| Company Profile|
4| Introduction To Mutual Fund|
5| Mutual Fund Vs Other Investment Option |
6| Graphs And Analysis|
7| Recommendation|
8| Bibliography|

1. Introduction


The Indian capital markets have seen a lot of economic swing since last decade but still it has been flourishing with rapid transformations. Reforms are continuing and are bringing a lot of change in structure, process and governance of capital market. This is helping Indian capital market to gain an image of mature marketplace in the capital markets of the world. The working mechanism is now more flexible and transparent. The stock exchanges have been corporatized too. Other than these new instruments like index future, index options, derivatives etc. has-been introduced. Out of the major players showing their presence in the financial markets, Reliance Money is the one. Reliance Securities is promoted by Reliance Capital; one of India's leading and fastest growing private sector financial services companies, ranking among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies, in terms of net worth. During past few years, it has picked up a considerable market share in the sector of financial services. It is a one-stop-shop, providing end-to-end financial solutions (including mobileand web-based services). The objectives of the research were to create awareness about various products and services of the Reliance Securitas and to know about the investor behavior and their preferences towards investment decisions and considerations. Other than this, the research includes the study of position of Reliance securities in the market and its competitive position with other players. Descriptive research was used in the whole project. The data was collected through meeting investors and potential investors in various areas .Various findings were derived which revealed perception and behavior of investors and potential investors toward financial market. Other than this, the attitude of investors were also observed towards Reliance Securitas. Based upon the findings, various suggestion were given with a view to improve the Position of Reliance Securitas in the market. As a result of research, it was concluded that Reliance Securitas has a good brand image but it still has to work upon in various areas to excel in the financial sector.

Background research refers to accessing the collection of previously published and unpublished information about a site, region, or particular topic of interest and it is the first step of all good archaeological investigations, as well as that of all writers of any kind of research paper. ackground research may include some combination of conducting a review of the archaeological literature, obtaining copies of current topographic maps and aerial photos, obtaining copies of historic maps and plats of the region, and interviewing archaeologists who have conducted work in the area, local landowners and historians, and members of indigenous tribes who may have knowledge about your area. search is especially important if you are unfamiliar with the subject area, or not sure from what angle to approach your topic. Some of the information that a background search can provide includes: * Broad overview of the subject

* Definitions of the topic
* Introduction to key issues
* Names of people who are authorities in the subject field * Major dates and events
* Keywords and subject-specific vocabulary terms that can be used for database searches *...
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