Requirement of Basic Math and Science in Engineering

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  • Published : October 4, 2013
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Basic math, science and a general education curriculum are very important in the education of an individual to become an engineer. They are important because engineering is based off of mathematics and physics. It can also entail chemistry. A highly educated labor force drives innovation and production. The basic core classes pave a path in order to be able to apply the more advanced sciences and mathematics.

With basic math, it would teach a future engineer how to read, interpret, and apply important equations or graphs. This is important because it develops intellectual maturity and traditional mathematic analysis. Every branch of engineering is based on the application of math. Design and development involve geometry and dimension. Math is used in many different ways in our everyday lives. It could be anywhere from purchasing items at the grocery store to the stress impact on something. Math that is involved with engineering includes risk management, cost estimation, life span calculations, and scaling things to different sizes. All this requires skills learned in basic math courses. Calculus is a necessity to be an engineer. Because of calculus you can figure out the impact of stress, strain, erosive chemicals, and heat on systems. If you can’t grasp the concepts of basic math, you will struggle to become an engineer. It is important be get this education before trying to be an engineer so you know if you are capable to further your education in mathematics.

Science is important to the education of an individual to become an engineer. With the basic scientific knowledge we learn skills in order to solve problems. One thing learned in basic science is the scientific method. This is an organized way of figuring things out. You need this basic scientific knowledge in order to learn physics and chemistry. Engineers use physics almost as much as they use calculus. Engineering is basically applied physics. It is the science of figuring out how things work....
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