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  • Published : June 12, 2013
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Christina Logan
"I prefer to die to speak in front of people" this is what many students said when Dr. Mourtaga told the students that they have presentation this semester. Many students get anxious while they are speaking in front of public, so they avoid public speaking. Other students would change their major or lose marks instead of struggling public speaking anxiety while their presentation. Some of the students say that the main reason behind this is the lack of practice. Others claim that the educational system is the reason. The students' opinions range between blaming their societies to blaming themselves. However, the good news is that public speaking anxiety has some reasons that can be easily solved, so students will not be anxious while they are speaking in public.

The Problem of the Study
Public speaking is very important for the students especially for getting a good job in the future. However, many students don’t dare to speak in public because of their anxiety. Therefore, this study aims at finding out the main causes of students' public speaking anxiety. In other words the researcher hypothesizes that students are anxious through their speeches because of the following tow causes (hypothesizes): 1-Students lack...

common problem in a person’s day-to-day life is public speaking or interpersonal communication. According to, public speaking is defined as “The process of speaking to a few or many people with the purpose of informing, motivating, persuading, educating or entertaining the listeners.“ There are many situations where public speaking is used, whether it is speaking to a crowd or speaking to a small group, giving presentations or giving explanations, reading out instructions or reading out stories. Speaking effectively can even help with one’s career or even a job interview. Thus, public speaking is used everywhere and it is very important to obtain effective public speaking skills. One should...
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