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  • Published : December 10, 2014
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Brandon Martin
Professor Holst
ENC 1101
5 November 2014
Hoax or Naw
In Today’s society there is an ongoing debate whether the Sandy Hook shooting is a conspiracy or not. Everyone has their own opinion on this unfortunate incident that happened two years ago. In my paper, I will argue that the Sandy Hook school shooting is a conspiracy, and a cover up, because the students interviewed from Sandy Hook Elementary school were asked about the gunshots, and they said it sounded like a loud thud or as one boy stated “Someone kicking a door.” While the adults at the school said hundreds of shots; Adam Lanza, a twenty year old autistic boy; was allowed to enter the school carrying a large Military grade rifle and two pistols; and the car the boy drove to the school belonged to a man found fleeing the school and detained by police but never mentioned on the news. The man’s car also contained a loaded shotgun believed to be the rifle used by Adam, but that would have been four guns not three. Some may argue that stating there is a conspiracy about this horrible tragedy is sickening, but even the most stubborn people can change their minds after reading and watching true facts on the case. Therefore, I believe that anyone who reads and sees these facts on the case will be a firm believer that the Sandy Hook shooting is in fact a conspiracy hiding something even bigger.
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