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  • Published : October 8, 2013
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Career opportunity for finance students


The present paper connotes a study regards the job opportunity among finance students those who are currently doing BBA or Economics degree with a major in finance. The data collection for this study taken from various part of the world. The study outlines potential strategies for implementing an integrated talent management process for Finance professionals.


Nowadays many people from BBA and Economics field are wishing to do major in finance field. But most of them do not know a clear shot about their career opportunities. The option in Finance focuses on the development of theoretical and practical approaches to financial management, security analysis, and portfolio management. Also involves the analytical study of money markets, options and futures, real estates, insurance and financial institution. Employment outlook and requirement:

A major in Business Administration with an option in Finance is the more sought after academic backgrounds to enter the job market. But for some higher post like CEO and CFO requires higher Degree and experience. Studies from the Department of Labori indicate moderate to strong growth for future employment in finance is expected based upon the steady growing economy like Malaysia. Career way for Finance students:

Basically there are two main paths for finance degree holders. The first path is managerial finance, which involves managing the finance function for businesses in the manufacturing and trade industries. That kind of industry basically deals with consumer goods and services. On the other hand, the second path is a career in the financial services industry, which creates and sells financial products or services. Banking, securities, real estate, and insurance are all financial service industries. Research Objectives and Research Questions:

The study is conducted to analyze the style and pattern for finance student’s workforce. These subjects are young professional executives those who already study finance but not work in finance field and also those who study finance and serving finance fields.

The study thus aims to answer the following research questions: RQ1: what are the job opportunities for finance students now and near future? RQ2: which type of job sector will help finance students for career development? RQ3: what are the contributing factors which may affect for the finance job field?

Statement of problem:
Main concern of studies to analyze to study in finance is beneficial or a better option to choose finance as a career development. A career is related to qualification of a person .Which are the qualification do not match with the job prospects?

Significance of the study:
This study aims to finance student from around the world. Those who already graduated from finance field or planning to do graduate in finance field. This study is important because its shows the result how the finance learner have better job security in the meantime and near future.

Limitation of the Study:
This study only focuses on the finance student. So the findings or result cannot use for other job sectors. Definition of Terms:
These terms are used in the study following the given definitions.

Financial management:
Financial Management is one of the important function of management in dealing with the resource and monetary aspect of business for funding and operating a business with adequate return. The financial management analyze the different operation in term of risk and return and after thorough analysis of different business.ii

Security Analysis:
Security analysis is the analysis of tradable financial instruments called securities. These can be classified into debt securities, equities, or some hybrid of the two. More broadly, futures contracts and tradable credit derivatives are sometimes included. Security analysis is typically divided into fundamental analysis, which relies upon...
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