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  • Published : March 24, 2014
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Consumer Sales Promotion
Price discounts 
Contest and Sweep 
Stakes 
Price pack deals 
Premiums 
Free Trials 
Coupons 
POP Displays
Continuity programs
Free Service camps
Product Warranties
Exchange Offers
Low Interest Financing

Pizza Hut has increased its visibility by launching a well-received TV campaign aimed at the young crowd
It has formed partnerships with recognised brands such as Nestle and Pepsi It also holds regular promotional campaigns targeted at children and adults and uses these alliances to offer packages during these campaigns

Source: IBEF Organization

Yum!, the world’s largest restaurant company that owns chains like Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell in India, is doling out more food at existing prices to woo consumers in these times of economic slowdown.

Source: DNA Article, October 2013

In order to boost sales via online and mobile phone channels, Pizza Hut has been offering special discounts and customised offers. It is also planning to introduce two new items in the menu in the next two months. Also, consumers can expect more value offers going ahead, said Razdan (Mr Sanjiv Razdan, Brand GM, Pizza Hut Delivery India).

Source: DNA Article, October 2013

Budget Allocated: Rs 9Cr
Expected ROI: Rs 85 Cr

Various Consumer Sales Promotion

Pizza Hut is focusing on More for Same techniqueof Sales Promotion in India Suggested Consumer Sales Promotion Technique:
 “Just for You” Scheme
A specialized discount and menu for Senior Citizens

In-store Activity & Events


Slot Machine

• Send special

• An open question to

• A slot machine can be put

coupons/discounts for
loyal customers on their
special occasions
• Conduct birthday parties
for kids including
invitations and return
• This presents an
opportunity to generate
new customers
• Celebrating birthdays
within the store for
visiting customers with
complementary gifts

visitors at the...
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