School Bullying

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Professor Blanco
Nicholas Gensler
December 10, 2012
ENC 1101

The Massachusetts high school freshmen, Phoebe Prince, committed suicide due to what prosecutors call, “relentless bullying.” Apparently, Prince “asked her school for help just one week before her death.” The fact that nothing was done about until it was too late is sad. Six teens are charged for the death of Prince; however, this will never bring back the life of this innocent high school freshman. In June 2004, a young boy from Virginia brought weapons to school in an attempt to replicate the horrific 1999 Columbine events. No students should ever be put in a position where he or she feels the need to react with violence in such a matter. Bullying in school has a negative effect on the students involved because to lowers their self-esteem causes stress and ruins reputations. Bullying has also gone to more severe scenarios which have had its fatal results. It is important to help prevent this behavior in school.

“Bullying is repeated physical or psychological intimidation that is unprovoked and harmful.” Weaker and more vulnerable students tend to be the victims due to the lack of strength to retaliate. I say lack of strength meaning mental toughness in order to tell a superior about the situation he or she is in. “A bully attempts to establish superiority and to exclude others.” This will mentally break down a student into thinking that the bully is right. The bully often scares the victim into holding in all the pain and humiliation, resulting in the bully looking innocent. The only way bullying can be prevented is by the victims. However, the victim is not the only one to suffer from psychological damage. Victims suffer damage to their self-esteem. The victims are often known to also be socially isolated and excluded. Bullies begin to get a misconception about power, thinking they are in control. Bullies experience rejections from their fellow students and could also result in a negative...
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