School Bullying

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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The issue I have chosen to cover is the school bullying for this issue has been going on for years. The issue affects the students, schools and families. There should be consequences that should be carried out but are pushed aside at times. The intended audience should affect anyone for the children are our future that will rule the world someday. The reason I have taken this as my essay, I have a 17 year old grand-daughter that has dropped out of the 10th grade because of bullying in the school. With this involvement ever since my grandson attended the same school it has really affected this family. They even jumped my grandson that was 16, stealing his wallet and cell phone that made him afraid but I thank God by me being a nurse am helping him get over that episode. He is working and talking about going back but to a different school for he is working as Certified Nurse Assistant which he enjoys assisting the elderly so he wants to further his education in the medical field. If one could see the fear of going outside after that it has been a great challenge but we are working it out along with prayers. My research plan is by way of the internet, newspaper articles, visiting one school located here that has a lot of bullying in the school where the teachers are afraid to report, speaking with the principle and teacher, I will also speak to the parent of the bully attending any meetings offered by the Indianapolis Public School Board, writing of letters to the Mayor if need be, but I will do the proper steps for then maybe there can be help for all children. The position I hold is to make sure my grandchildren can get a good education without fear. My approach will be the correct way for all involved to follow for the safety of all children. For I have two other grandchildren ages 10 and 14 so this will be a continuing process for me to insure their education.
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