Search and Destroy

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  • Published : September 18, 2013
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Cabigas, Lance Vincent, M.

Search and Destroy
The people of the state Utah, were shocked to find a murder which occurred in the night. Police came to the scene, only to the find the corpse of a 5-year old girl. Apparently, the girl was murdered by her mother due to a heated argument and a mix of alcohol. The crime was not a surprise, but what surprised the people was the weapon used: A spatula. Quite an odd story isn’t it? However, this was a real occurrence back in July 2005. That news is evidence that when it comes to crime, everything is a weapon. This means that even the tiniest object can be fatal against a person, and not only the ‘bigger’ weapons such as guns. Many activists claim that through a total gun ban, crime rate would efficiently go down in the Philippines. Furthermore, they claimed that it would even protect the civilians and even prevent further crimes from happening. Can a gun ban really achieve these promises? No. A gun ban has no significant connection to those promises and as such, a total gun ban should not be implemented. Those activists strongly believe that a gun ban would really reduce the crime rate occurred in the area. Their strongest claim was the result that during the electoral gun ban in the Philippines, there was a 70% reduced crime occurrences which were recorded. While one cannot dispute these statistics, it is highly doubtable that these reduced crime rates occurred because of the gun ban. Other factors might have affected it: The increased number of security personnel, the check-points, and the stricter enforcement of the law (Pangilinan, 2013). Another issue that these activists wish to pursue is the idea that guns are the main source of weapons for crime. However, according to Bisio(2010), guns only count as 10% of the crime rates even in the US, and that, although in a morbid sense of thinking, one could have better chances of getting killed by a club than a gun. This is...
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