Section 2 Integrated Day Assignment

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  • Published : March 16, 2015
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PART TWO: Assignment associated with the Integrated Day in Circulation and Breathing

The Integrated Day aims to help you to integrate your learning; both learning in the horizontal modules and your learning in the vertical modules. The aim is to try to help you focus on the objective of the MBBS course: to understand and how a firm grasp of the biomedical sciences helps you to understand and manage health and disease in your patients.

What was the most important thing you learnt during the day?

The signs of cardiac disease was very useful, and I thought the heart sounds section and listening to heart rhythms seemed very important and useful to help you know what you are listening to in the heart and what an abnormal heart sound would be and the causes.

I also found the managing respiratory conditions section extremely important as this was a good revision and a useful insight into what it would be like for patients experiencing these conditions. It was also very useful for some of the other sessions in the day.

Did you have any ‘ah-ha!’ moments: when something you learnt in lectures, tutorials and practical suddenly made more sense in the context of seeing patients or talking to doctors?

Particularly meeting the patient with COPD was very useful for bringing the illness alive and understanding how this is managed. This made all the respiratory conditions and examinations much clearer.

If you were a GP managing a patient in the primary care setting with COPD: what elements of what you have learnt about the underpinning science do you think are important in understanding and assessing the disease process?

The causes of the disease and how it impacts the body. This would help ensure the treatment is accurate and suitable in order to effectively help the patient in management. Understanding the science of breathing makes it much easier to sympathise with the patient and also visualise what the patient is going through.

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