Short Reflection on the CPA Exercise

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  • Published : July 2, 2013
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Short reflection on the CPA exercise
During placement we were required to complete a CPA report. My problem was that the placement I was allocated – Older persons inpatients – did not compile CPA reports. This situation was compounded by the fact that this was a very short placement of 5 weeks and thus limited opportunities to seek an additional day or so elsewhere, and the fact that my mentor was reluctant for me to go elsewhere for learning opportunities and wanted me to meet all outcomes on the ward. We had a patient on the ward who was going to be subject to a CPA review on discharge, and I negotiated with my mentor the opportunity to work with the patients CPN in order to complete this. Unfortunately this did not come to fruition as the CPN went on sick leave for 2 weeks, returning on my last week of placement. Due to the 40% with mentor rule (my mentor worked part time) and the bank holiday weekend, I was left with only two days where this would be possible. I decided to email my academic supervisor an anonymised discharge summary report that I had completed for a patient who was discharged into twenty four hour nursing home care. This discharge summary had been checked by my mentor prior to sending to the nursing home and my mentor was satisfied with the content of this report and the feedback I received was that it was very comprehensive and of good quality. I was relieved when my academic supervisor emailed to say that the discharge summary report was sufficient to replace the CPA report required. I enjoyed compiling the discharge summary report. I downloaded the Trusts CPA policy in order to ensure that the required areas had been met sufficiently. I then hunted around for a discharge summary report done on other patients so I could see how others had compiled the report and what information they had included, but unfortunately these are not kept in hard copy on the ward as the patients file is not kept on the ward after discharge. I could not...
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