social justice issue reflection essay

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  • Published : December 8, 2013
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Labor laws are a huge social issue throughout the United States. There are multpile different laws for differnet ages ranging from twelve and up. This photo represents the social issue of child labor loss. This is a local construction job site where anything could be taking place including child labor loss. This is a simple topic to speak about because anyone paying under the table could easlly sneak away with this. Children sixteen and under could be working for five dollars an hour when the minimum wage is $8.75.

Red bull is an energy drink that many can get addicted to pretty quick. This photo represents the image of a single red bull and what can happen when red bull sells out of stores. With numerous people addicted to this drink many want to purchase it, but when theres only one left in stock this is when price guaging takes over. For example, If I were going around selling red bulls and had ten people that wanted one, i would go with the one that was paying the most becasue it would make me more money by simply raisin the price.

Gas prices is probably the number one example of the social justice issue of price gauging. Gas prices as we know are crazy expensive, expecailly in Conneticut, but when national tradgedies arise, like huricanes that cause mase amounts of destruction, gas prices tend to rise like no other. With prices on the rise due to some particular event, this truly represents a great example of price gauging.
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