Social Problems: Views of Liberals and Conservatives

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  • Published : May 7, 2014
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Social Problems can range from thousands of different categories; however, they all seem to interlock some how. Three main problems every society deals with are gun control and use, gang violence and poverty. There are two specific views that are going to be focused on, and they are Conservatives (Republicans) and Liberals (Democrats). Both parties share beliefs on the causation and solutions of these issues. Liberals believe and put their trust in government action to achieve the equality in life for all. They place all the power and responsibility into the government’s hands. They believe this is the most effective way for a country to function properly. Conservatives on the other hand, do not believe in the government being the reign leader but believe in personal responsibility, free markets, individual liberty and traditional American values. Conservatives place the main power into an individual to solve an issue rather than going to the government for help. Poverty is an ongoing social problem that will most likely never dissolve. Liberals trust that the individual people maintain to be the cause of poverty. The upper class that own large amounts of industry and resources exploits the poor people. The liberals do stress the fact on helping and pitying the poor. Democrats disagree with Republicans that poverty is caused by an individual’s action. Many people are born into circumstances that which will determine their route in life and opportunities. Same thing goes for the wealthy population; many of them were born into riches or had wealth passed down to them. Liberals also reflect on the low demand for labor and the economy as reasons that lead to poverty. Aside from these examples, racism and discrimination isolate these groups of people to get hired or able to participate in society like others. They also point to corporate corruption and ethical wrongdoing that often takes advantage of the poor. The main way to repair or mend this problem is an education. Education is a key factor leading to be a successful participant in society. Liberals support community developmental centers, which teach individuals the necessities to thrive in the economy as a whole. Conservatives also believe in an education; however, not in forcing kids to stay in failing schools and pouring more money into failing schools. They also believe that one of the quickest ways to be placed into the poverty category is teenage pregnancy. Schools, clinics, doctors, and adults are the enemies here for handing out contraceptives and basically giving teenagers the consent to have sex. This may lead to pregnancy, which will have a ripple effect on ones education, opportunities, jobs and success. Aside from these options, conservatives also blame government aid for making people poor and “lazy.” Conservatives refer to poor people as “freeloaders” and “lazy.” Conservatives believe that there will always be poor and rich people to complete a society and that there are many other issues that have to be addressed before this one is taken care of.

The two views make very good points on why poverty exists and their stands on it. However the liberals seem to make more sense when explaining themselves. There will always be poor people in any other country, any state, any county, and even in every towns. The social classes exist for a reason. To have a functioning civilization we need the lower, middle, and upper class. They all feed off of each other in a sense and I do not think poverty will ever be terminated. The only thing that can be done to mend this countries poverty level, is to have governmental aid, which will help and support these families to get on their feet and to start walking. Government aid is not an excuse of why people do not have jobs or why they are “lazy.” Without government aid the rate of homeless people and crime would hit an all time high in this country and I’m sure that is not what anyone wants. Poverty...
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