Solutions and strategy to overcome challenges in development of India

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  • Published : October 2, 2013
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Issues and Challenges in Development of India

India as a Nation faces most of the issues this modern world has faced. It has the issues of the developed nations like the USA and other European countries and at the same time problems faced by the developing and underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asian continent. At the same time with a diverse population in diverse geographical setting with large number of social and religious issues, India faces issues of its own with unique kind of attention. In spite of these issues India's progress with growth and development in recent decades has raised expectations to the extent that some analysts have started predicting when India will outgrow China. Due to this expectation, the pressure on the organization is comparatively large. Here are the most visible and common issues all over the nation to achieve the development work in the country.  

(4)Problems in Social Development 
(5)Regional Disparities

India is surrounded by every possible social, economical and political issue along huge potential. The president of the USA, Barak Obama in his recent visit to India said that India is not developing, it is developed. Indeed India is a developed nation if we look into the GDP, government expenditure, few metro cities and life style of a branch of rich people. The people of India have built a strong image in the mind of foreigners who does not have access to the internal situation of this romantic country. It is accepted by all that this nation holds huge amount of capability for development. Lord Meghnad Desai, who argued, not without irony, that whatever else happens, “the government can still sit back and say 8.6 per cent”.

Indeed, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world; the recent financial crisis could not cause huge damage due to the strong economical capability but even today, after 20 years of rapid growth, India is still one of the...
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