Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman: Review

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  • Published : May 30, 2009
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Popular Canadian Author, Gordon Korman, who is also the author of the Bruno and Boots Series, has written a new book- Son of the Mob. It was published in 2002 by Hyperion books. The setting of the book is in New York City, where seventeen-year-old Vince Luca begins dating the daughter of a FBI agent, Kendra Bightly. It just happens that Vince's father also has a strange job, a 'vending machine fixer' as they call it. Actually, Anthony Luca is the head of organized crime in New York City. Coincidentally, Kendra's father is Agent Bite-Me, the one trying to put the Luca's behind bars. Though the parents hate each other, Kendra and Vince get along fine. This is a modern comical version of Romeo and Juliet, except nobody dies.

The main characters of the story are Vincent Luca, Kendra Bightly, Ray Francione, Tommy Luca, Jimmy, Ed, Anthony "Honest Abe" Luca, and Alex. Secondary characters include Kendra's father, peers, teachers, and coaches at school, Mrs. Luca, and many Uncles.

The conflicts of this book are man vs. man and man vs. himself. Vince, who does not like his dad job, wants nothing to do with it. Now that he learns that, his 'connections' can come in very handy, he is torn between luxury and righteousness. Should he buy a Mazda Protégé, or drive a hotwired Porsche? Vince does not know what to do! The man vs. man conflict is between Vince and his father. Jimmy and Ed owe his father a lot of money. Vince, who says killing the two would not be right, decides to fight for them, starting the father versus son war. Vince blames his dad for all of life's miseries. He says that stealing isn't right. On the other hand, Anthony Luca says that if it weren't for the mob, Vince would have nothing. Soon, the Jimmy and Ed situation gets worse, and Dad gets angrier. Quickly, everyone knows about Vince's problem, even the one who shouldn't!

The story starts with a disastrous date with a girl. As Vince opens his car trunk, inside he finds a body! Another...
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