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  • Published : February 24, 2014
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Good Afternoon, My name is Asia. I was born Feb. 13. Yes, the day before Valentine’s Day I am loved. I am a 2013 Graduated from High School. I was 19 out of 165. As of now i attend southwest and this is my 2nd semester of college. I am seeking from Southwest my associate’s degree in nursing. After that I would like to transfer to the University of Georgia for my bachelor’s degree. From there i want to travel the world, help people, and save lives. My outlook on my life is live life with no regrets, love unconditional, and shop with no limits. I have always been the one to make people laugh. I love to amaze people and bring joy to people. I love cheetah print everything. My hobbies consist of fashion, make up, great singing and dancing, and listening to music. I dislike when a person prejudge someone based on looks. To me everybody deserves a chance. I have a wonderful best friend Adrienne yeah we cool. Also an amazing support systems that keep me thriving for my goals. I am a self-loved person with high confidence with everything I'm about. I have the thought that i am one of a kind. I believe in true love comes when you least expect it. I am a full believer for my Lord and savior. This should pretty much sum me up i am honest, smart, a dreamer, sarcastic, crazy, loud, shy, quiet, outspoken, and opinionated all wrapped up in a bundle of fun. In Linda Hasselstrom’s essay, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun,” the author describes the circumstances that led to her decision to buy and carry a handgun. Hasselstrom explains that while she lived in the great Northwest, her encounters with aggressive males were frequent, and the author felt forced to discover ways to protect herself while traveling alone. These frightening personal encounters took place while camping, driving the long distance home on dark deserted highways and even on her own property. She argues that taking self-defense classes proved ineffective because one must be able to touch the...
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