speical object

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  • Published : April 30, 2015
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Special Object

It is the rabbit doll that I sleep with in my arms every night. The rabbit doll is my birthday gift from my mom who I seldom see. Therefore, whenever I see the rabbit doll, I think of my mom. One day, when I was taking a walk and passed by a toy store, I took a notice at a fluffy rabbit doll displayed in the window. It looked comfortable to hold in my arms. So, I wanted the rabbit doll to be my upcoming birthday present and begged my mom to buy it for me. However, my request was rejected immediately. What’s more was that a few days before my birthday, my mom told me that she would be on a business trip, and would be absent from my big day. She was a busy businesswoman. In my memory, She took lots of business trips, and I seldom saw her at home. Mostly, I saw her sleep deeply in the morning with her suitcase laid beside her bed. When she said sorry to me that she could not celebrate my birthday, I pretended that it was nothing to me though I actually felt disappointed. Nevertheless, we were still in cold relationship, and I did not even want to say goodbye to her when she kissed and hugged me with her suitcase in her hands. However, it never occurred to me that my eight-year-old birthday was my best birthday ever, because I surprisingly received what I wanted. After singing the birthday song, cutting my birthday cake, and unwrapping the gifts, I went to bed early with a feeling of depression. My mom was not there to celebrate with me. However, everything changed when I woke up on the next day. There was an elegant present on my desk. While I was unfolding the wrapping paper, a scent of lavender spread out. The rabbit doll was placed inside the box. Its belly was bulged with something fragrant inside. It seemed that the rabbit doll’s belly was filled with lavender seeds. It was my mom that asked my aunt who was tailor to cut the belly of the rabbit doll and fill it with lavender seeds inside. I quickly rushed to my mom’s bedroom...
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