Starbucks: Main Trends, New Flavors, and Customer Loyalty

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  • Published : November 17, 2014
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Starbucks has grown to heights that no one could have predicted. In fact, in 2009 the market analyst predicted that the company would have reached market saturation when just the opposite has happened. The second quarter of 2013 has shown an increase in net income of 26%. This is very good news for the company as it begins is push into Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, and the Asia Pacific regions. The main trends that Starbucks is continuing to develop are 1: new flavors, and customer loyalty, with the introduction of the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino being launched soon, and 2: social responsibility as they expand into the world. Customer loyalty is paramount to the company’s success. With a significant number of new customers being developed through the gift cards, and new occasions being introduced, Starbucks is building on this program to create new customer loyalty programs to go beyond the cards and touch other areas of the shopper interest. On the second front, Starbucks has always been involved with the countries where they buy their coffee, but in recent years the company has done more to make the lives of the coffee farmers better. Some of the programs have been developed around their relationship with CARE. This program has helped the coffee regions by creating better water supplies, schools, emergency response funds and improved housing. Another trend is WIFI. It seems that people from Malaysia and The Philippines use Starbucks free internet than we do here in America. Creating pleasant atmosphere in each Starbucks is the ultimate goal so that each visitor will stay longer and drink more is good for business.

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