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  • Published : November 25, 2014
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Student name: Chiu Man Hei
A number: A01985385
Course: OSS 1300
Date: 17th July 2014

Becktelman Worldwide Contractors
Interoffice Memo
Date: August 28, 2014
To: Jason Corzo, Senior Development Officer
From: Marcia Murphy, Office Manager
Subject: My New Assignment
Thank you for your letter! I can go to Japan to work, I feel very excited but there are a lot of aspects to worry about. Next, I will tell you frankly. And thank you gave me good advice and experience, which is very helpful for me.

When I know I assigned to the Japanese company the time, I'm really excited, nervous, because I never thought I could be assigned to here. In the others, I did not stay long in this country, for me, it would make me feel my work environment is very unfamiliar, so I afraid cannot have a good work ability.

And I know that the company has been very hope to develop and expand the market in Asia. Although this is a very long-term plan, but I know company reuse me, this trip will take me to complete the mission. Although this will give me a lot of pressure, I will try hard to complete. I will deal with the details of each work, contract regulations and I will work to address the difficulties. I hope we can give a better development and profits for the company.

This time, allocation countries is Japan, of course, I am most worried about the language barrier problem is, I know if I want to have a better development for the company, I have to learn Japanese, I'm going to work in the rest of the time., to learn Japanese. Also, thank you taught me to understand the communication can be solved with a smiles, this is a very good way. Also, I will learn listening skills.

Also, I would learn the local culture, because I know that Japanese culture is very traditional, I have to learn vigilant, not to offend the local culture. Also, I know my colleagues are Japanese. So, I have to get along with them...
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