Study Case : Canada Timber : Negotiating with the Japanese

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  • Published : January 30, 2014
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Transcript of Canada Timber: Negotiating with the Japanese
The Difference between Canada and Japan Opinions This is my point of view about this subject I have another point of view about this subject Canada Timber: Negotiating with the Japanese Relationship and business deals 1 Mr. Morita, Japanese company representative, bowed for the canadian rep Mr. Tim Wilder, CEO of the canadian company who did not bow back!! The missunderstanding started at Tokyo airport in three ways Executive Summary 3 Next day after they have rested at the hotel.... meeting started with again!! 2 Japaneses started to hand their business card as its a tradition in Japan......Mr. Wilder shoved the cards in his pocket!!....rude again! And... The Canadian party was too busy from the beginning to finish the deal as soon as possible and go back to Canada...with no interest in building relationship with the Japanese...!

This has resulted in difficulty upon communication and caused the deal to get cancel... Ethics are important Business in Canada Communication Firm Handshake Eye Contact Professional Titles Fairly Supportive Environment Democratic Meeting Inquiries in advance Life aspect is separate The canadian dealer was too busy trying to lock the deal with the japanese party that caused some sensitivity towards decision making from the Japaneses side! That have come from the ignorance of the norms and tradition on the japanese way of making deals.

While the Japanese felt nervous with the Canadian lowering the price sharply from their stand point.....this is caused Mr. Morita to hold on the deal and postponing in order to understand why the Canadian were behaving in such manner and push the deal to another level Business In Japan Japan Has formed a distinct model of hierarchy, honor and etiquette that is a reflection on many business nowadays. Non-task sounding = learn about the other party and build trust. Gifts is important Meishi silence while looking at the other people names...
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