study on consumer brand preferance on financial products

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  • Published : January 6, 2014
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1. Ms. Avani Shah and Dr. Narayan Baser (2012) in this paper studies the investor preference in selection of mutual fund and measures the fund sponsor quality. After the survey of 305 mutual fund investor and analyzing the results to one way ANNOVA they come to the conclusion that Funds reputation, Withdrawal facilities, brand name, Sponsor’s past performance in terms of risk & return varies among the investor’s of different age group & investor’s different occupation group, “Mutual Fund: Behavioral Finance Perspective”, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Management Review, Vol 1, No.2.

2. C.K. Hebbar, Sandeep S. Shenoy and M. Devaraj in their paper studies the differences in various parameters such as awareness, service quality, problems faced, and rationale behind investment, comparing the products of private sector companies and these are the main attributes which build up customer perception and loyalty towards a company. By surveying about 175 customers in Raipur city and using various analysis they conclude that brand awareness plays an important role in selection of insurance schemes in that region, “Life Insurance Products in India : Market Strategies and Consumer Perception”, Journal of Marketing, 63(1)

3. Kapse and Kodwani (2003) argue that in the changing scenario for the insurance sector there will be good opportunities for the insurance sector to expand its market base. For this purpose there is a need to improve the features of insurance products to make them more liquid, or short term schemes could be increased. It is shown that rewards implied by the insurance products (particularly the tax benefits) are quite close to those observed in banks and small saving schemes of the government. “Insurance as an investment option”, The InsuranceTime, May.

4. Dr. D.T. Chavare (2012) in this paper shows great emphasis to in understanding the perception of the investor towards brand. He concludes that LIC is the most preferred insurance company in India, but LIC is facing Competition from other companies like ICICI, Bajaj, TATA, HDFC and Reliance based on various factors analyzed based on their consumer preferences. He further says that while selecting insurance company safety and value for many benefits are considered by investors. “A Study of Brand Loyalty with Special Reference to Life Insurance Corporation of India, International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services and Management Research”, Vol 1, No. 2.

5. Dr. Shantanu Mehta and Charmi Shah (2012) in their paper studies the preference of mutual funds investors and performance evaluation of the preferred schemes by the investors. As a resu8lt of their survey of 100 educated investor of Ahmadabad and Baroda city and reveals that major influence of buying behavior of mutual fund are the sources they rely for information and the mode of investment. Preference of Investors for Mutual Funds and its Performance Evaluation, Pacific Business Review International, Vol 5 , Issue 3.

6. Basabi Dev (2013) in this paper analyzes & rates all the life insurance companies by analyzing certain variables, the clients perception , purchase behavior & consumer’s awareness about the Life Insurance industry and to establish the factors affecting the choice of investors for choose a life insurance policy in Guwahati. Consumer Preference in Life Insurance – A Case Study of Guwahati, Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol 3, Issue 2.

7. Susanta Swain and Dr. Ansuman Sahoo (2013) in their paper studies the the investors’ Preferences in Mutual Fund means Are they prefer any particular Asset Management Company (AMC), Which type of Product they prefer, Which Option (Growth or Dividend) they prefer or Which Investment Strategy they follow (Systematic Investment Plan or One time Plan). He concludes that running a successful Mutual Fund requires...
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