Support Children and Young People with Behaviour Emotional and Social Development Needs

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  • Published : August 9, 2013
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1 - 1.1 Right from birth children develop their behaviour and social skills from what they experience at home. This experience should be caring, loving and supportive, it should provide children with the opportunity to develop and interact as much as possible. Children need to be exposed to as many experiences as feasible, so that not only can they learn and develop, but they can have their main carers/parents support. This will allow a child to learn to deal with different situations. Sadly, for some children their home circumstances or the way in which they are brought up can be lacking in several areas, for many reasons such as poverty, lone parenting, religion etc. There are children who experience lack of interest and attention and sometimes worse violence and abuse, such things are likely to develop into social, behavioural and emotional difficulties. Families will have different views on the expectations of a child’s behaviour this can be either from family to family or between one parent and another in the same household. Problems can arise through the mixed messages and inconsistencies. Children will become confused and will not understand the boundaries which are very important in a child’s development. Children need attention from adults and unfortunately, they may learn that the only way to attract this is through bad behaviour. Children with serious ill health or disability will not only face difficulties in their own health, but also their ability to interact with others. They may not only find it difficult to physically interact with friends but also may have communication issues. This will affect their ability to deal with difficult situations. When children experience a delay in their emotional health they are less likely to be able to change from one stage to another. Emotional health is critical to all other areas of a child’s development. 1 - 1.2 Negative or traumatic experiences can affect children in several ways some children may appear unaffected and can bounce back from extreme circumstances. Others can be seriously affected and unable to cope and they may never overcome the trauma that they have experienced at such a young age. Traumatic events may seriously impact on behaviour, social and emotional development. 1 - 1.3Children can have a range of behavioural problems which may delay learning and or other areas of development. The range of problems can be categorised as behavioural, emotional or social (BESD). If these difficulties impact on a child’s ability to manage at school this will result in an assessment of the child’s needs. If the child is assessed it enables the school and parents to provide the necessary support. Although now children can be assessed and supported throughout their school life it is still not always possible to identify the reason for the problems. 1 - 1.4 Medication is available and can be used for behavioural disorders. In some cases this can have a positive effect, not just on the child but all those involved from peers to parents. The medication can allow the child to function more positively. Medication however, is not without side effects such as sleep problems and a reduction in appetite this can then have a knock on effect on a child’s self esteem and physical development. If a child is given medication in the early stages it can be difficult to get the dosage right. Monitoring by all involved is essential although this should be ongoing as changes may be noticed. For example, if a child takes their medication in the morning by the afternoon as the medication wears off the child may have a significant change in behaviours on a day to day basis from morning to afternoon.

3 - 3.1For the pupil that I work with I have recently been involved in reviewing his statement of special educational needs. The school received reports from his parents, myself as his support and the class teacher. Ups and Downs (A charity that supports children...
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