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  • Published : February 6, 2014
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Target Market and Segmentation
Dressing up a foot with a very stylish, cute high heel is something that women of all ages take pride in. Finding the perfect shoes for a dance, to wear to work, to hit the town, and to go to church are just some different instances that the perfect shoes are a necessity. The target market for the new Nike brand high heels would be girls and women from ages of 14 years to 60 years of age. Women would most certainly be a target market for high heels, not only because of their gender, but also for the feeling that is often associated with a cute pair of heels, (Azodi, 2014). The segmentation criteria for Nike to promote their new high heel based upon the need for the shoe. Business wear, fashion, daily comfort, sports team designs, and the age of the consumer are all apart of Nike’s segmentation criteria. Businesswomen would be a great target for Nike’s launch on high heels because women in the business world are required to dress fancier than the average working girl and high heels certainly help bring that fancier appearance out. Nike would benefit from offering the sleek, black high heel to go with any suit set. Fashion is an important criterion when women choose a high heel shoe to purchase because women naturally love matching their shoes with a fashionable outfit, (Azodi, 2014). Nike would be able to accommodate fashion by offering the new high heel line in many different styles, shapes, and colors. Nike would also be able to interest these women in their new fashionable shoes by adding jewels and different design patterns on the heels of the shoes. This would give the shoe a sense of uniqueness and most certainly sink into the heart of a fashion fanatic. Nike would also benefit from marketing the high heels to sports teams. This would allow the customer base to grow larger because even women who play sports would more than likely wear heels with their team’s logo on them. Sports fanatics would also be more likely to purchase a high-heeled shoe that represents their favorite sports team. Since high heels are often associated with foot and back pain, daily comfort is most certainly something women look for when shopping for high heels. Nike would be able to draw in consumers who are looking for the daily comfortable high heels by adding an additional padding to the most sensitive spots of the foot. Working women would especially be grateful and more prone to buy a shoe that allows them to look great while also being successful in daily activities. Age would also be an important criterion for Nike because Nike would be able to design different shoes for different ages and occasions. A few examples of the different needs in different age groups would be a young teenager needing shoes for a school dance, a grandma needing a lower high heel shoe for church, and the party girl needing shoes for the frat party two houses down. Organizational Buyers and Consumers

Organizational buying is “the decision-making process which formal organizations establish the need for purchased products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers” (Kotler & Keller, 2009, p. 183).

The organizations that Nike will need to attract the buyers of are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Footlocker, Famous Footwear, and Finish Line. These stores carry sporting goods and would be a natural fit to carry our Nike branded high heel shoes as they already carry all of our other Nike branded shoes and clothing. Organizational buyers will not take big risks in the products they purchase as they will be purchasing on a large scale to stock all of their locations, so the sporting goods stores will be more likely to purchase the Nike high heels instead of a Saks Fifth Avenue type of store (Bass, 2014).

The consumers of the Nike high heels are going to be the female shoppers that are shopping at their local sporting goods store. The buyers of Nike high heel products are going...
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