Take a Stand Bullying

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  • Published : October 1, 2013
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Take a Stand Essay

Tarik El-Ali
University Success 103
September 24, 2011
Monte McKay

Take a Stand on Bullying
Bullying is a form of verbal and physical abuse that needs to stop. It takes place every day all over the world. It represents the attacking of someone that is stronger mentally, emotionally and physically attacking someone that is weaker in all of these fields. Bullying has long term effects on its victims such as mental and emotional stress that can carry on into the future. Bullying has been around for a while now. “Bullying is so long established in our society and schools that is often ignored and considered as “part of normal behavior during growing up”(Dracic, S. 2009). Bullying can lead people to living an unhealthy life and having unhealthy lifestyles. While bullying is commonly associated with face to face interactions it may also be done online (Cyber bullying). I believe that we need to hold more programs and stress to the teachers in and out school what a bad effect bullying has on young kids and adults.

People that are often bullied in school, online, and even in neighborhoods usually have unhealthy lifestyles. These people usually lean towards heavy alcohol and drug abuse. In a research survey there were high percentages of drug and alcohol abuse by the kids that got bullied. "However, there is great concern regarding students who are being bullied and those who are reporting symptoms of depression and alcohol use” (Statewide Survey Finds Drug Use down, Bullying up. 2011). In this survey half of the 8th, 10th and 12th graders reported alcohol use. 25.5% reported use of it in the last 30 days and 31.6 % of students reported symptoms of depression (Statewide Survey Finds Drug Use down, Bullying up 2011). Bullying also leads to kids and young adults committing suicide.” One factor that has been linked to suicidal ideation is experience with bullying in and around school and the...
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