tata motors

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  • Published : September 18, 2014
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Tata’s headquarters in Mumbai, India, strictly controls and regulates operations in all dealerships and subsidiaries, in addition to knowing and abiding by all labour laws in the multiple countries where they have manufacturing plants it has to watch political change.

The foundation of the company’s growth internationally is a deep understand of economic stimulation, customer needs, and individual government regulations and laws. Although it is the headquarters ultimate responsibility to make sure each individual office and branch is operating and abiding by the local laws, it will become increasingly more important for that duty to be taken care of at the regional.


Tata Motors' economic scenrio is quite promising with GDP growth rate around 7% however high intrest rates and low frieght availability impacte its financial infrastructure in first quarter of 2013. During the same time ,price pressure from competitors also married its financial position.The commercial vehical segment of the company gave it an edge over others at this time and the big and mid sized vehicles helped them to regain its ground,

Operating in numerous countries across the world, Tata Motors functions with a global economic perspective while focusing on each individual market. Because Tata is in a rapid growth period, expanding or forming a joint venture in over five countries world-wide since 2004, a global approach enables Tata Motors to adapt and learn from the many different regions within the whole automotive industry. They have experience and resources from five continents across the globe, thus when any variable changes in the market they can gather information and resources from all over the world to address any issues. For instance, if the price of the aluminium required to make engine blocks goes up in Kenya, Tata has the option to get the aluminium from other suppliers in Europe or Asia who they would normally get from for production in...
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