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  • Published : October 12, 2014
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Week Six Team Synopsis
QRB 501
Learning Team Synopsis
Student One
Some pros of the Quantitative Reasoning for Business course are the materials supporting required learning for the course. This includes videos, exercises using examples, weekly practice quizzes, and the ease of participation requirements. These pros made understanding and conquering the material less intimidating. The only con that could be identified was the individual assignment in week six. At first the directions weren’t clear, but then it was realized that a paper was to accompany the Excel spreadsheet also. It is not the amount of work it takes but the fact that during the final week, most of the time was used to review for the final exam. One of the things that worked for this course was the Khan Academy educational videos. Even though they seemed to teach on a simplistic level, they start from the basics and add on new techniques and information on top of earlier learned subjects. Understanding how to analyze data by using analytical tools and techniques was one of the things that were learned in this course. Another was using formulas to calculate time value of money and utilizing Excel. Excel helps certain aspects of a business to keep track of details and calculate financial business activity accurately. Overall this course was satisfying except for the last week. A suggestion would be to place the week six project in the middle of the course timeline, so as to allow for more focus on the final week and the final quiz. Student Two

The information explained in the textbook for this course was presented very well. The explanations and examples were easy to understand. The most helpful tool in this course was the Problem Sets. Having the problems with the option of Help me solve, give me an example or show me in the textbook were really helpful in teaching the content. While a lot of the information was a refresher, I learned a lot of new information. As a suggestion for any changes to the course, the participation credit should be shortened to perhaps 4-8 in this type of course, as I feel that there is limited subject information (without duplication) that directly relates to the questions presented. I would also suggest that the order of the quiz and problem sets be reversed in the listing of tasks, as this was not apparent to me at the start of the course. I would have expected the list to appear in an order of how you would do the tasks. Last, there was a substantial amount of new information presented for it to be the last week of the course. Learning new information along with the amount of assignments required for the last week was overwhelming. The participation requirement, final exam 30 questions, team assignment 250 word contribution, and the capitol budget assignment of 6 parts including a 1000 word paper all at once just seemed to be an unreasonable feat. Further, to do well on the assignment it would make sense to also do the Final exam review, consisting of 79 questions. Parts of the Capital Budgeting assignment should have been introduced throughout the course, with perhaps a wrap-up assignment to confirm knowledge of the material. Overall, for a six week course there was a substantial amount of information presented. Student Three

I have completely enjoyed this class because I love math and Excel. I am good with numbers and love playing around in Excel to see if there is a formula that can determine the answers to any problems. Because I use both of these on a daily basis, this has been a great “break” from the normal class routine and a very welcome break from those that require paper after paper, week after week. I wish there were more math classes in my future! I think this class is very useful in teaching those items on the syllabus. The textbook is very well laid out and provides great explanations with plenty of examples. The practice problems were helpful at solidifying to...
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