teenage bullying in schools

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  • Published : January 23, 2014
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It is estimated that approximately 75% of adolescents in the United States has been bullied at some time in school. This is one of many statistics found in the article “Bullies, victims grow into roles that can last a lifetime”. An author, reveals that bullying, while it has many forms and levels of severity, can be devastating and it’s effect often lasts a lifetime.

There are a number of effects that come with teenage bullying. First of all, there are the obvious physical problems and injuries that can result from physical bullying. However, emotional, verbal and cyber bullying can deeply affect teens as well. These activities can lead to depression (and even suicide), drug use and stunted social development. These are problems that can affect a person well into adulthood.

Another problem can be that of retaliation. In some cases, bullied teens have violent fantasies of attacking their tormentors. There are instances in which these teens become violent, turning on their classmates in order to get revenge. This can be a cause of heartbreak and difficulty.

Reducing teenage bullying

It is very difficult to address teen bullying. However, there are some things that can help discourage bullying situations. Teens should be encouraged to seek friends, in person and online, who are supportive and kind. They should try to move in groups if possible, since bullies most often single out those who are alone.

Also, it is important to have teachers and other adult authorities present when possible to discourage bullying behavior. You can also talk to bullies about more appropriate behavior, and hope that they are willing to listen.

In the end, it is difficult to totally prevent teenage bullying - especially if it is verbal, emotional or cyber bullying. You should encourage good efforts to reduce bullying, and let victims see that you are involved in these efforts. The best thing you can do is be encouraging to bullying victims and try to help them...
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