Teenagers, Victims of Bullying

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  • Published : December 7, 2011
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The Blame Game- Who is Responsible for the Bully?


You hear the sad stories on your local and even national news, kids who pay the ultimate price for being the victim of bullying, death. Many stories gain nationwide popularity like the story of Jamey Rodemeyer, an openly gay fourteen year old who hanged himself due to the torment he could no longer take from his bullies. Another infamous story is that of Florida teen Seath Jackson, who was brutally beaten and shot to death by his tormentors all because his ex-girlfriend had a new boyfriend who didn’t like him. Hearing stories like these often makes people wonder if there wasn’t more that could have been done to stop the bullies’ behaviors. It’s not just the bully themselves who is responsible for their actions. Many say it is the school teachers and official’s duty to notice a problem and report it. While this is true and in most cases they do, schools can only see and do so much. Parents and a child’s home life have the most influence over children’s behavior. Most children bully others because it’s a learned behavior and they are repeating actions they have learned in their own homes. Although it’s often difficult for them to admit, parents need to recognize their responsibilities in raising a bully and take a proactive approach towards stopping bully behavior in children and teens. The Blame Game- Who is Responsible for the Bully?

Almost every time you turn on CNN or Fox News you hear about another heartbreaking incident of bullying. They are usually horrific stories mainly focused on the victims. Many of these tragic stories gain nationwide exposure like the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer. A fourteen year old who was found hanged in his parents’ West New York home in 2009. The news reported that the openly gay teen committed “bullycide” because he couldn't take the constant bullying and anti-gay remarks he received from his classmates. That's not even the worst part. After Rodemeyer’s...
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