The City and Its Workers: Factory Bosses and Political Bosses

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  • Published : August 5, 2013
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Chapter 19
The City and Its Workers
Factory bosses and political bosses seemed be made of very different types of fabric. Factory bosses give the impression of being harsh, uncaring to the working people. “I said to the boss once it as my turn to go in, and now you have taken that man; what am I to do…He said he could do nothing for me.” Factory bosses give the impression that they care very little for their fellow man and that their main concern is the bottom line. They hire men with young boy as they do not have to a pay the boys as much to work certain machines. “They are forcing these young boys into the mill that should not be in mills at all.” The impression the reading gives to political bosses is radically different than that of factory bosses. Political bosses seem to be the “go to guys”, they are “Mr. Fix It”, and they are constantly trying to help others no matter what the situation. “The politician looks after his own interests, the organization’s interests, and the city’s interests all at the same time.” They are giving the best they can in every circumstance that comes up. The main political boss the reading explores is George Washington Plunkitt located in New York City. The reading described a day in the life of this boss, his day started at 2am when he is woken to go to the police station to bail out someone the day officially starts at 6am when fire engines pass his house waking the neighbors where he goes out to see how he can help. That’s how his day goes people come to him with problems and he fixes them, from being unemployed to paying bail for a group of drunks. He goes to weddings, funerals, and church and synagogue services, gives gifts, and pays fines all in the name of getting votes. Working people come to the political bosses for help no matter the problem and they seem factory bosses as a problem.

Economic justice is not something the people in these documents know. They are constantly bombarded with inequality. Many times...
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