The Comming Together of Two Worlds

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  • Published : September 18, 2013
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The Coming Together Of Two Worlds
The Encounter between the Europeans and Native Americans was one of mutual cultural that brought both several favorable and unfortunate outcomes to each other. These two different cultures exchanged many ideas that changed the ways they had once lived before. When these two different worlds collided they were both introduced to multiple crops and animals they had never seen, tasted, or even heard of. Numerous crops that grow around the world today came from the Americas. But these two also came across some severe results. Many diseases were brought into the lives of each other that many had never had before.

One of the benefits received by both the Europeans and the Native Americans was the exchange of the many crops between the two. When the Europeans came to the new world they brought with them wheat, sugar, rice and coffee. The American Indians introduced corn, potatoes, pineapples, tomatoes, tobacco, beans, vanilla and chocolate to the Europeans. According to “The American Pageant” textbook the Europeans were highly affected by the potato crop. The diet of the Europeans was changed when potatoes were brought into the Old World. The potato caused the Old World population to grow quickly.

Another benefit the Europeans and Indians received from each other was the swap of animals. The New World offered llamas, and fowls (birds) to the Old World according the “TeacherServe” website. Horses, cattle, pigs, were brought into the Americas by the Europeans. The horses revolutionized many of the Native Americans lives. Apaches, Sioux, and Blackfeet are a few of the Indian tribes that adapted the horse into their cultural traditions and daily lifestyles. Horses helped make the Indians more mobile in their daily lives and transformed their cultural lives too. This changed the way the American Indians hunted. Their range in hunting was broaden due to horses. The Europeans also benefited from the gold and silver found in the New...
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