the cult of stalin

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  • Published : January 7, 2015
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Ibrahim Ahmed (24 mark)

Lenin is recognised to have adapted the ways of Marxism under the circumstances of Russia in a way he saw fit it was called Leninism or lenin-marxsim . As under the theory of Marxism, leadership was bound under the dictatorship of the Proletariat in a socialist regime where the working class created the dictatorship, however Lenin altered and adapted this into Russia by saying the Bolshevik party would represent the proletariats on their behalf. This did not mean that Lenin considered himself to be a 'leader', as he preferred a 'collective leadership' which would prevent corruption and idealisation which went against Marxism. This very idealisation brought the cult of Stalin. Whilst he was recognised as a leader by communist party members, with some influence it became adapted by the soviet people who were manipulated into thinking no wrong could come from their God like figure Stalin. The psychology of adulation played a key role in he creation of the cult. Many historians believe that as the cult grew, it became harder to resist it. The people began behaving the same way as their neighbours, for example taking part in the same mass activities. In addition, anyone who did not would be an outcast and imprisoned for political crimes. However, many historians say that the reason why the cult was contiuing was because people had already invested their emotsions and trust into Stalin. They did not want to face up to the true reality of him as it would mean that their worship had been meaningless. The Russian people were mostly uneducated and illiurate, this is because the Russian governement claim that being lliturate was being able to spell your name. For them it was easier to follow an individual than a set of ideas. The masses accepted policies because Stalin saud they were a good idea and he new best, this was useful in him creating new policies and pacts . Stalin was someone for the soviet people to thank for the material improvements...
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