The Funny Side of the Filipino: Good or Bad

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  • Published : May 30, 2015
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Ben John A. Alaba May 26, 2015 11322047/ M72 Prof. Gina Lomotan “The Funny in the Filipino”
The article that I’ve chosen to take a good critical opinion is entitled ‘The Funny in the Filipino’ from by Lilio Carreon Jr. I chose this type of issue because it is very apt and timely which is straightforward to the reality of all Filipinos nowadays. In this commentary, it gives you an idea about how Filipinos are trying to getaway the callous reality through humor. There are a lot of entertainers here in our country and even if we don’t say it audibly, we love watching them crack a joke for example Vice Ganda because it redirects us from polluted topics. Everyone seeks a good outlook in life everyday & everyone is just trying to be optimistic and it is not weird. No one in this world is problem –free, who hasn’t encounter a single problem, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, religious or not, every individual has its own detailed conflicts in life. We can’t deny the fact that we are a happy race, at certain circumstance, we laugh when we are happy and we laugh when we are sad. “It takes just a bit of nudging our funny bones to make us laugh (Leodini, 2011).”

We are known be the world as a nation with happy people and this is one of the advantages why many foreigners choose to go to the Philippines because aside from beautiful places, we are welcoming them with friendly faces and attitude. It is something for us to be happy about, but the question is, why do we still suffer and slowly respond to many inevitable different kinds of problems? Instead of putting our interest for being proud as happy flock, let us also not turn back our heads to those awful sides of smiling insignificantly. One of these is when we are called for our earnestness; we developed apathy towards matters. Perfect example would be the ‘Milk Tea incident’ where 2 people were found dead after drinking the...
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