The Red Convertible: The Lost Soul after War

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  • Published : October 6, 2013
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The lost soul after war
The red convertible is the story about two brothers Henry and Lyman who is the narrator of the story. Lyman Lamartine and his brother Henry are native Indians, they live in reservation. Along with his brother he bought the car, red convertible. All the summer brothers rode their new car and enjoyed life. But this was their last happy summer. Henry received the call-up papers and went to Vietnam.  Three years later he returned home. He changed, became dismal and gloomy and lost the interest for life. As I have read the novel “The Things They Carried” (Tim O’Brien: 1998) which also tells about the life of the soldier after war in Vietnam and how they stressed and frightened to face their life forward. The aim of write this essay is to analyze the characterization about this short story. We can see the characterization towards the story through the point of view of the story. This short story uses first person point of view which is the narrator is also the character inside the story, in this case Lyman is the protagonist in the story. The way the narrator tell the character to the readers is directly telling but, since this story uses first person point of view the narrator only tell what he saw and what he feel and cannot share anything about other characters feeling. This story focuses on the relationship between brothers who has a different father and also focus on the car ‘red convertible’. This car is the symbol of their journey and their relationship. Lyman seems to put Henry’s soul to the car because that was their first precious thing they have. When Henry trying to repair the car, I think Henry wants to save his love to brother since he think that he cannot repair himself, also when Henry told Lyman to take care the car, Lyman knows that his brother was preparing to death so that is why they have fight just after Henry said that. But, Lyman thinks that the car is just an instrument to bring back Henry’s soul so when Henry commit...
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