The Three Types of Teachers

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  • Published : October 15, 2013
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Three Types of Teachers

We all classify things every day. We may classify our wardrobe according to colors or type of clothing. Librarians classify books by their genre or authors. Kids often classify foods, delicious foods on the right for easy access, and healthy, crunchy vegetables on the left to eat later. When I meet someone for the very first time, or even if I sit in a mall watching people go by, I even classify them into categories of “Nice” and “Not So Nice” by their appearances. Today I’m going to classify the teachers. They are the one who always leave an impression on our personality. I often talk about my teachers who left a strong impression on my life, and consciously or unconsciously I do categorize them. I classify teachers into three types.

Type one is the teachers who are friendly, love to talk, share personal stories, and ask personal questions. He or she may ramble about their kitten or puppies, daughters, or another such topic. You would know what they eat this morning, and what their dinner menu is going to be. This type is usually very talkative, active, and social. They have very good sense of humor as well. You always feel at ease in their presence. They are more like a friend than a teacher. You don’t hesitate to approach them, and discuss any kind of problem you are facing. You feel like expressing yourself more openly in their class. Sometimes, they get in your face which can be startling or uncomfortable. An example of a type one teacher would be the English teacher I had for my senior year in high school. Her name was Miss Smith (midway through the class I found out her first name was Lori and that she was a feminist). She would chatter nonstop at times. Sometimes, she even strayed from the lecture’s topic and took us to the land of her ancestors, or her childhood precinct. She would always find a way for the ones who did not complete their homework assignments on time. She had that “Three Chance” system in which you...
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