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  • Published : November 19, 2014
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TNE January 2015 APC 309 Examination Guideline Document- October 28th 2014

In general for all APC 309 examinations- the students should be made aware that of the following: To meet the requirements of this module the examination will be open book and therefore the students are allowed to bring in 2 pages of A4 (double sided) paper containing their own text. Students must not bring any other pre-prepared materials or any text books what so ever into the examination. The examination will be for a period of 2 hours. There will be an additional period of 20 minutes for reading the examination paper no writing is allowed in this period and no notes can be taken or any work started in the answer book. You must show all of your calculations (workings) to obtain full marks. Where the student does not clearly show how the final figures of a calculation based question were reached they are in danger of having marks deducted. This is a 2 hour examination there are 3 questions to answer from the four given therefore the students should be prepared to be able to reach completion of each question in 40 minutes. They should (in the pre-examination period) be encouraged to undertake some test/dummy questions as shown in the sample paper provided and chosen from suitable academic text books so that they can get used to working to the time constraints. The examinations will follow a similar pattern as follows:

The first two questions are calculation based but also have a separate small element of discussion to them. The last two questions are discussion based.
All questions carry equal marks so the student can choose to do either one of the calculation based questions and the two discussion based ones or the two calculation questions and one of the discussion based question. The students may use in text referencing to sources they have used in preparation for the exam. Due to the time restraint it would not be expected that a reference list will be provided by...
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