Tomorrow When the War Began: Ellie

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Ellie- Character Development
Ellie, from Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden, is a typical country girl who likes the rural way of life. She is the narrator in the book, which suggests she has a lot to say. She starts out as a stubborn, headstrong person who is very loyal to her friends and family. While she still has a determined and reliable character, Ellie’s character has further developed. She steps up to whatever is required of her in the dangerous situations she and the group find themselves in. During the novel, we see her character grow because of her situation and experiences. Ellie’s relationship with Lee reflects on how she has developed as a character. In the beginning of the novel, Lee is described by Ellie as a ‘serious guy, but I just thought he was interesting’. He is seen as nothing but a friend to her. After spending time in Hell with him, Ellie begins to see him as something more: ‘It’s like coming out of my dreams sometimes.’ Their friendship at the beginning of the novel had turned into a relationship by the end: ‘He’s so different to anyone I’ve ever known.’ No one, even Ellie, would have guessed that Lee and herself would have ended up as a couple: ‘I’d never have picked you and Lee as a likely couple.’ The theme of relationships has been portrayed through Ellie and Lee, as well as Homer and Fi. Throughout the invasion, Ellie learns to keep on a brave face in order to calm the other members of the group. Before the war, she would have been easily scared and could not have restrained her emotions: ‘It told me to panic, I panicked.’ She knows that many of her friends are concerned about their current situation and her showing her fear would cause unease. Ellie knows that ‘trying to think calmly’ will give the group the best result. ‘I tried to give her a confident grin’ and ‘I didn’t want to let them down’ show that Ellie cares deeply for her friends and that she will encourage them as much as she can. This aspect of her...
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