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  • Published : January 14, 2015
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Chris Shaw

Theater Production: Tracks

One thing I generally enjoyed the way they portrayed most of the characters. The characters had certain aspects to them that were exaggerated, and made it humorous but obvious what and who they were trying to portray. Though it was almost the border line of stereotyping the characters into a typical classification of a college liberal arts professor, a nun (personally my favorite), or a pair of over dramatic teenagers who are love struck half the time or too busy pouting with each other like the norm for a overdramatic teenage girl, besides, stereotypes exsist for a reason (not that they're right all the time either) . But all in all, that's what made them enjoyable, and able to laugh at. The costumes were also very helpful in portraying the characters and their personality. The costumes had a way of portraying these characters through half-stereotypical peiecs, like the required turtle neck and hipster glasses for a liberal arts professor, or the obligatory blouse and siut jacket for the lawyer and you cant forget the average white girl look either, with the boots, skinny jeans, sweater and a obligatory scarf to top it all off. And the scrubs uniform for the doctor as well as the unrevealing dress for the nun couldn't go unmentioned.

I also thought the plot was very intriguing . The storyline consisting of various ways our protagonists die was actually very interesting, and rather spot on to what would be the ideal way one of the characters would die, coinciding to each character and their repritiore. For the two teenagers who died in the car accident, it would be very logical to think so because of all the teen drvivng accidents and deaths resulting from them you see on the news. The business woman who died by getting hit by a bus while on her cell phone, does prove that its dangerous to be on your cellular device while in traffic, as her character joins the ranks of those who have...
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