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  • Published : September 1, 2013
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The above question requires one to analyze the behavior of an individual based on the culture. Henceforth it is to a greater extend that an individual behavior is determined by culture. Due to the fact that an individual is born and raised in a society which is believed to be based on a certain culture, it can therefore not be avoided

Culture has a very large impact in an individual’s life and mostly one is left with no choice but to follow the belief that occurs in their culture. Therefore culture determine an individual’s behavior, for example if one is born in the African culture you are taught to respect your husband at all times and to be always under him. It is not in all case that women fully want that hence their behavior is determined by culture. This shows that culture has a lot of influence in an individual’s life

According to Durkheim, culture joins people together and he also states that they are certain beliefs that unite people together hence because one once to belong in that certain society ,they end up following the culture ,making it determine their behavior. For example in the same African culture a man is not allowed to marry another man. Hence one is not involved in such act due to respect for culture and need for is therefore force to behavior in a way that pleases the rules of culture. This shows that one’s behavior is based on the influence of the culture hence people will not behave in a manner that they wish because they want to have a sense of belonging It therefore show that an individual`s behavior is mainly influenced by culture.

According to o connor and downing 1995 the highlight that culture is the essence of a person`s way of life for example how they dress their marriage systems, therefore one`s behavior is highly affected by culture. Culture will determine the way of marriage and what to be worn on the big day of marriage is usual not determined by the individual. Also considering the fact that culture plays a major role in maintaining social in equality. Based on their social origins, acquire capacities for interpreting and using cultural codes that affect their opportunities to maintain or change their social position. In patriarchal situation, it is culture that uphold the position of men over women hence one’s behavior can be determine by culture.

The other reason why culture determines an individual’s behavior due to the norms value and beliefs that occurs within a culture, one is no longer at liberty to live life the way one intends to live. Their actions and behavior will be based on the norms, values and beliefs. For example in Zimbabwe it is a taboo to be homosexual hence people will be limited to culture and their behavior will be as a result of culture. it is therefore true that to a larger extent a human`s behavior is based on the influence of culture. Taylor 1871 stated that culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge beliefs morals law customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by an individuals as a member of society. From his understanding of culture we note that an individual`s behavior can be due to culture so that one gets to belong in a society. A lot of things are therefore expected from individual as part of culture and this will determine one`s behavior also looking at Giddens 1993 argues that culture is a way of life of members of the members of society or groups within a society means that culture has a certain way of directing the life of an individual. Therefore, culture determines the behavior of ad individual to a larger extent. Individual behavior can determined by culture in that we all live in a society with people around us hence in order to relate around us ought to have the same values and probably

However, human behavior, or how people act and behave in regard and relations to their surroundings, is determined mainly through two factors and these factors are natural and environmental. Natural...
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