transactive memory

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  • Published : November 20, 2013
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Austin Flory
Intro to Psychology
Has Google Destroyed Your Memory?
What happens when you stumble across a question and you don’t know the answer? You look it up on your phone, which close to 95% of the world depend on their phones for help. This is why we have come to the conclusion that search engines and smart phones are frying our memory. But little did we know that there is something completely different as well.

An age-old technique that we evolved thousands of years ago called “trans active memory” which is an interdependent form of memory that combines individual recall with systematic group recall. We have begun to treat search engines and smart phones the way we have treated our spouses, friends, and work mates before Google and smart phones damaged our memory. Our brain for one is terrible at remembering details. But good at remembering and retaining the gist of the information we encounter. For example, a 1990 study done by Psychologist Walter Kintsch. Involved an experiment which subjects read several sentences. Then 40 minutes later he tested them. In result they could remember word for word, so then four days later, the subjects are useless.

With what I know about human behavior and memory being compared to memory damage from search engines is that I think it makes perfect sense about what having such easy access to all the answers can be. That’s why such things were invented. It’s all change with the generations coming. We used to depend on each other but why rely on a human when you have a device that lets you know any answer to any question. Usually within a blink of an eye. It also makes sense to me because I know my memory has begun to get worse the more I use my phone for answers. For example, any type of math problem can be done on your smart phone nowadays. Which many people are taking for granted. All together I believe it’s became a problem but it isn’t necessarily a bad one.

Just as computers use...
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