Tuesday Siesta

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  • Published : April 12, 2007
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In the short story "Tuesday Siesta", Gabriel Garcia Marquez subtly illustrates his tone of the story, that tone being respect. Description, characterization and straight- forward dialogue are used to portray his seriousness, emotion and utter dignified opinion for the mother. It is through the writer's tone and character portrayal that the theme of the story is presented.

Marquez's attitude towards his topic is clear throughout the story, showing his sincerity for people living in poverty, and the pride he has towards the mother. Primarily, the tone is implied through the sequence of events as well as the description and characterization of the mother. The author begins by identifying his outlook on society by representing people using setting. The sun is seen to be oppressive, like the people of the town's view towards the woman; a poor wretch of a mother who has raised her son into the life of crime.

As events clarify, the author gradually reveals his respect for the mother, holding her in admiration. Although Marquez does not directly describe the mother, she is exemplified through her actions to be a woman full of integrity, whom loves her children, regardless of their actions. Close to the end of the story the priest offers the woman an umbrella as protection from the heat, but she simply replies " Thank you…we're all right this way…She took the girl by the hand and went into the heat." The town folk may have viewed her as needy. She rejects support form. Even though she is without wealth she still presents herself admirably. By refusing to drink water in front of other people, having her daughter comb her hair and fix her clothing before being seen in public.

Garcia presents the mother in a manner of greatest integrity, despite her dead son and poverty. It is his attitude towards her that portrays her character. Not necessarily that she was one of pride but one filled with integrity. By exposing his characters, the theme is in turn also...
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