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  • Published : November 13, 2013
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Arlene Serna
AP World History Block 2
5 November 2013
Word Count 650
Unit 3 Essay 3:
Continuity and Change between 600 to 1450 CE.

Between 600 and 1450 CE., trade and exchange continually remained important and influential in around Eurasia and as well as in the Mexica society. Trade and exchange were main ideas that were both useful and necessary for success during this time. In Eurasia the use of the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean were both used as important trade routes. The Monsoons in the Indian Ocean were able to widen their agricultural standpoint allowing them to trade internally not only with their new goods but also with specific regions and their goods. In the Mexica society, surrounding territories had to pay a tribute to the Aztec capital and also had traded with surrounding areas. In the Islamic empires, goods such as cotton and spices were traded which were a continuous trade, in addition to the use of the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean, however, this led to new inventions, which then created the Aztec empire and later the crusades.

The Silk Road is a series of trade routes that exchanged both goods and cultural influences in and around the Asian continent. Silk was the most important good that was traded in this route because of its rarity and beauty. In addition, cotton, paper making, textiles, gunpowder, and spices were important goods traded as well. Religion was the most important and influential cultural exchange in this trade route. The spread of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all spread across Eurasia and were also tied to certain religious communities. In the Indian Ocean, the use of the Monsoons helped the Indian empires grow both economically and in their population size. Urbanization took place in Delhi and large port cities that developed them economically. Incense and horses were introduced from Arabia and Southwest Asia, while goods such as gold, ivory, and slaves came from East Asia. A change that...
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