Unit 9 Assignment

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  • Published : May 11, 2015
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Crisis Intervention
Angela L. Artis
HN 220: Prevention and Crisis Intervention
Unit 9 Assignment
Kaplan University

Crisis Intervention with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
Towards the beginning of my career, I met with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson concerning their son Adam. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson came to me concerned about their 15 year old son Adam who they reported was showing signs of depression. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson reported to me that Adam has been missing school, staying out after curfew, or not even coming home at all. They also reported that he is hanging out with a new group of friends and has had negative behavior problems both at home and at school. There was also mention of Adam always seeming to have a cold as evidenced by a constant runny nose. I used the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention while working with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson by first developing and maintaining rapport, second identifying the problem, and third discussing coping skills (Kanel, K. 2007 P. 69). The first meeting I had with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I focused on developing and maintaining contact. In order to make Mr. and Mrs. Johnson comfortable, I used active listening skills and showed empathy for their situation. I expressed how hard it can be raising a teenager and praised them for being able to identify that there is a problem and working to get help for the situation with Adam. I let them express their concerns about Adam’s behavior without feeling judged or blamed for their son’s actions. After listening to the information they were sharing with me, I was able to identify some of the problems faced by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. They were feeling powerless in their own home, as if Adam were the one making the rules. They had a strong desire to get that power back. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson felt that their son’s main issue was depression, and they came to me to receive help for his depression. My own hunches led me to believe that he might be abusing drugs, and there may be more to his behavior than depression alone. Fifteen year old adolescents tend to be rebellious, and tend to push the limits with authority figures, but Adam’s behavior seemed to be more than teenage rebellion and I feared that the risky behavior he was engaging in could cause him a lot of trouble in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson need to learn how to set and enforce boundaries with Adam. I addressed different coping strategies with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson in order to find new ways of working with Adam’s behavior. I asked them how they have handled his behavior in the past so that we could learn what works and what does not work. I learned that Mr. Johnson tends to become very angry with Adam’s behavior and yells at Adam to try to make him show respect. This in turn leads Adam into yelling back and both Mr. Johnson and Adam lose their tempor. The result is that Adam typically walks out the door leaving his parents wondering where he is. Mrs. Johnson then gets angry at her husband for causing a scene and causing Adam to walk out. Mrs. Johnson tends to approach her son differently by ignoring the bad behavior in the hopes that it will just go away. I suggested to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson that they come up with a plan together to determine what behaviors are acceptable and what is not acceptable. I told them that they need to both be in agreement in order to successfully set boundaries. After listing the actions and behaviors they no longer wanted to tolerate, I asked them to work together and agree on consequences for each behavior. For example, if Adam is not home before curfew, he will not be allowed to leave the house the following weekend. I advised them to sit down with Adam at a time when they were all calm and present these new guidelines to him. By showing a united front, Adam would understand that they were both going to enforce the consequences. We next explored new ways to handle their own emotions and feelings when working with Adam. We discussed some...
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