Values and Planning

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  • Published : February 10, 2014
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Within this assignment I have been asked to discuss one piece of legislation, one policy and one code of practice which are all relevant and work together to help plan support for individuals.

I will firstly look at a number of pieces of legislations that can also help to support and care for individuals:

Care Standards Act is an act is a piece of legislation which is put into place to outline the structure within a variety of health and social care institutions. These environments can include independent hospitals, children's homes, residential care homes and many more. It basically looks at the care and support that individuals receive within different institutions. This helps to provide the best quality care due to the environment being analysed regularly in case the standards are not of good quality. National Minimum Standards is a document which set out the guidelines of the care that individuals should receive, and it states the minimum standards of care that they can receive. It states that the care given is fit to purpose and assesses each individuals needs to ensure the care and support they receive is person centred and works for them. This helps to provide care and support as the service providers understand what care should be given and what the minimum standard is, so care won't slip. Disability Discrimination Act is an act that aims to end the discrimination towards individuals who have a type of disability, e.g. physical or mental. It states that people who do have disabilities can have the same rights and opportunities as those who don't. Its aim is to ensure that every individual is treated equally and no discrimination is present. This ensures a good level of care and support due to each individual receiving the same care and treatment, no matter what the circumstances may be. Freedom of Information Act is a act that states that all individuals have the right to obtain any information kept by the public authorities, unless there is good reason to keep it confidential. It allows individuals to ask what information is actually stored and held and to be able to communicate about it. This can help individuals to receive good care and support, as they are able to identify what information may be held about them, which therefore gives them the opportunity to change anything if needed. Nursing and Residential Care Homes Regulations is an act that is put into place to see whether residents within care and nursing homes are receiving the best quality of care possible. it also checks whether all requirements are met within each institution. This provides the best support and care to individuals as each environment is measured to ensure that all of the necessary requirements are met, which therefore reflects on the support and care that each individual receives. Race Regulations Act is an act that is intended to stop any form of racial abuse and discrimination. The act covers factors such as, racial, colour, nationality, ethnics, cultures etc. This ensure that the best care and support is given to individuals as each person still receives the best possible care and equal care no matter on any particular factor.

I have now made up a scenario in order for me to show how the legislation, policy and code of practice that I have chosen can link together in planning support:

A female comes into a doctors surgery with her husband who has advised his wife to go and see the doctor, although she didn't want to go and they then tell the doctor about recent belly pains that she has been having and a sudden 'gain of...
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